Regent’s model for a successful undergraduate

First and foremost, to be an outstanding student, he needs a world-class teaching method. At Regent, we provide exactly that. Then, the student will need to participate in active class/group discussions, followed by a firm foundation of business concepts and their applications.

In addition, students will need to understand and adapt to different studying skills for various topics, using Regent’s English support to overcome the language barrier and a variety of learning resources.

Combined with additional lectures and classroom talks by visiting professors, lecturers, industry experts, and business leaders, students can hone their necessary key skills such as IT, communication, problem-solving, analytical, planning, time-management, and international exposure. Complemented with local and overseas exploration trips, and further career advice, students are bound to succeed regardless of their backgrounds.

Please check back often as we will be adding useful collection of tips, articles and downloads to help students achieve their best in their academic endeavours.