Regent Business Academy is your pathway to success

Let us be your pathway to success: the kind of success that will give you global business qualifications for knowledge-based economies. Please have a look at the 3-step approach pictured to get an idea of the process.

  1. The first step to success is with the International Diploma in Business at Regent Academy (bottom step in the picture). This is the equivalent of Year 1 of UK Degree.
  2. Then the International Advanced Diploma in Business at Regent Academy. This is equivalent to Year 2 of UK Degree.
  3. Finally is the Honours Degree in Business achieved in the UK (top step in the picture). This is the final year of UK Degree. Students may also opt for Degrees in Singapore or Australia.

Regent Academy’s benefits for Myanmar students

  • Internationally recognised qualifications at each step
  • Local context of transferable knowledge learned saves time & money
  • Career advice and increased job opportunities worldwide
  • Free access to the NCC and Regent Academy’s on-line Virtual Campus
  • Experienced foreign-trained lecturers using world-class teaching methods
  • International exposure, and foundation for further studies abroad