International Advanced Diploma in Business at Regent Business Academy

International Advanced Diploma in Business

The International Advanced Diploma in Business is awarded by NCC Education of UK. This Advanced Diploma is equivalent to year 2 of a 3 year UK Honours Degree. The course consists of 8 modules, 3 modules assessed by Global Assignment and the other 5 assessed by Globabl Examination.

The Global Examination modules are:
1. Advanced Business Mathematics
2. Principles of Business Operations
3. Information Systems and Organizations
4. Business Economics
5. Financial Management

The Global Assignment modules are:
6. Human Resources in Business
7. Understanding Consumer Behaviour
8. Marketing in Business

Additional Subjects

• Business, Leadership & Teamwork Skills
• Communication Skills
• Guide
• Weekly Surgery / Test

Entry Requirements

• NCC Education, International Diploma in Business [or]
• LCCI Diploma in Accounting – minimum of 18 years of age [or]
• Thames Business School Diploma in Business Administration [or]
• ABE Diploma in Business Administration [or]
• ACCA Part I [or]
• YIE Diploma in Management and Administration [or]
• YIE Bachelor of Commerce [or]
• YIE Bachelor of Business Administration [or]
• Other qualifications deemed equivalent by NCC Education, UK

If you’re a potential student whose first language is not English, you will need to obtain a valid score of 5.5 or above in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination or equivalent.

Assessment Criteria

75% and above = Distinction (A) = Outstanding work
65% – 74% = Credit (B) = Highly competent work
40% – 64% = Pass (C) = Acceptable performance
0% – 39% = Referred (D) = Need improvement to be acceptable

Time Commitment

Same as International Diploma in Business