Are you looking to increase the international student enrollment at your institution? If so, you have come to the right place.

Regent has been partnering with major international universities, especially from UK, since 2002 to deliver qualified students. Regent is also one of the very first few educational partners that Singapore Education (a division of Singapore Government) has chosen to work with in Myanmar.

Your college or university will, as many have, find that, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), with the adult (ages 15+) literacy rate of almost 90%, is a great source of well qualified outstanding students. A large number of factors have contributed to this fact. It is because English is the second official language and it is being taught since kindergarten for all schools in the country. Upon reaching high school, all the subjects (Math, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry, etc.) become English except the Myanmar subject. Myanmar’s educational system is also heavily influenced by British education system.

Therefore, it is little wonder that most of the students from Myanmar who study abroad have become successful in their chosen career, bringing much pride to the schools that have the chance to educate them.

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