Be The Proof

With increasing number of so-called educational consultants popping up all over Myanmar, sometimes, as a student or parent, it could get very confusing when selecting someone to trust. Just exactly how do you differentiate the good from the bad? Really.

Well, we have a tip for you. Start by asking simple questions like “where are your students now?” or “what have they achieved since coming to you?”

Demand. Demand. Demand to see the results. Talk is cheap. Buttery words and meaningless promises are even cheaper. Hard results, however, are expensive. For every single achievement, there lies many years of sweat, support, and input, from students, teachers, and parents. And as such, results don’t lie, just as report cards from universities don’t.

Here, we are proud to present our results. Please have a look at what our students have become and what they have achieved since our founding of Regent Business Academy. See our proof and be the proof.

[ 2008-2013 Regent Business Academy Top Students ]