Privacy policy

We do not share personal information with third parties, unless we are ordered by the authority to comply with the law. Any information you submit through our contact form will be used only as a mean to contact you, if you so stated.

Like over 90% of the websites online, this website uses cookies (small text files stored in your web browser on your computer, tablet or mobile device) in order to improve your experience. The cookies fall under two broad categories, essential and non-essential. They do not compromise your rights for privacy in any way.

Essential cookies

These are used to track things like whether you have Javascript enabled, whether you are logged in to our website, or whether you have opted out of non-essential cookies. These types of cookies are essential in the functioning of our website and should be accepted.

Non-essential visitor tracking cookies

These are used to track information such as your operating system (Windows or Apple), your display resolution (how big your monitor is and its resolution), if you have visited our site before, your internet address (IP) information, how long you stay on our website, the average time you spend on our page, where did you come from (the website link you clicked before arriving to our website), the link on our websites that you clicked (which of our partners’ websites you go to from here), your general geographical location (for instance, London, UK), etc. Please do note that none of these cookies reveal any of your personally identifiable information.

The most common form of this kind of cookie is Google Analytics. They are worrisome for some privacy advocates due to their common usage across many websites. The information is shared with third party (Google) or more organizations (advertisers paying Google) instead of solely to the first party (the website that you are visiting).

At Regent, we understand your privacy concern and try to be as transparent as possible with our analytical cookie usage. Therefore, we do not use Google Analytics at all nor do we allow our data to be collected or accessed by third parties, such as Google. Our analytical (statistical) collection system is private to us and information are kept private under the full control of Regent Education Group; never shared outside of Regent nor sold under any circumstances.

Your consent

You continued browsing constitutes implied consent to both type of cookies on our site.

For disabling all cookies on all websites online, you may do so by changing your specific browser settings. Please do note that over 90% (this number is just an estimate, but, close enough to real life numbers) of the websites online may not function properly when cookies are disabled. Our recommendation, if you would like to minimize privacy risk, is to set your web browser to disable third party cookies. Here is how for most browsers.

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on January of 2013. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Regent.